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Individual Psychotherapy


Receive professional counseling for relationship stressors and issues.  By attending individual counseling for relationship issues, you have more time to address and resolve your personal stressors, problems, conflicts, and past traumas.  Some examples of why people seek individual counseling for relationship problems are as follows:

·         Recent Break Up

·         Separation

·         Divorce

·         Abandonment by a partner

Going through relationship problems might cause some of the following symptoms:

Low mood and/or depression: manifesting as a loss of interest, not being able to enjoy things, feeling sad, having low motivation and low energy. At times low mood can be accompanied by changes in sleep, appetite and sex drive.

Feeling worried or anxious: worrying about the present and the future, feeling irritable or edgy, and getting easily frustrated.

Couples and Marriage Counseling


We are here to help you heal and re-establish your relationship. The following are some of examples why couples would search for professional help;

Communication problems : This includes difficulties handling and resolving disagreements, ongoing misunderstandings due to assuming what the other person is thinking, negative non – verbal communication, not being able to reach your partner, and chronically feeling misunderstood.

Infidelity: This includes emotional infidelity and/or sexual infidelity. Please know sometimes individual counseling sessions are recommended along with couple sessions to help you maximize your chance to heal.

Broken trust: Inability to move on from the past, whether your own relationship past or your current relationship’s past. 

Blended family problems: Difficulties blending your and your partner’s families including difficulties with individual members of the families knowing and understanding their new roles as well as the need to learn how to communicate with other and with each other’s previous partners.

Premarital disagreements: Difference in opinions and/or beliefs that interfere with your ability to fully commit to your fiancé.

We are here to offer individualized, professional help to you and your partner to reach your goals.

Please feel free to e-mail or call us to get help and take advantage of our free 15 minute phone consultation (to be scheduled with a counselor after your initial call).




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